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    Kindy Graduation Photo Day is coming up and we need to capture your child’s info before we arrive at your centre to photograph your beautiful children.

    Please register your child/ren using the form below.

    You do not need to preselect a package. All children will be photographed on Kindy Graduation Photo Day unless you specifically request that your child not be photographed.

    If you do not want your child to be photographed, please email your center director or myself.

    Package options can be selected and paid for after viewing your child’s photos.

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  • Terms & Conditions
    In the unlikely event that the photographer is ill or injured, or has an extreme emergency or any other circumstance that prevents her from photographing during the scheduled session, Kirsten Adamson Photography will make every effort to reschedule the session. If for whatever reason this is not possible, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of any payments received from the client for the session. In the unlikely event that photographs from the session are lost, stolen or destroyed before the client receives their images, liability of Kirsten Adamson Photography is limited to the return of any payments received from the client for the session. Kirsten Adamson Photography will keep all client images readily available for a maximum of four months from date of session. After this time, images may be purged, archived and/or deleted with no option of recovery. In the unlikely event that photographs from the session are lost, stolen or destroyed during this time, the client accepts that there is no recourse for reclaiming the images and is not entitled to a refund of any kind. If the client chooses to purchase digital images, the client understands that it is their responsibility to personally back-up their own files for protection against permanent loss. If the client purchases any images or requires any images to be resent after the initial order process, a fee may be charged. The client hereby grants full ownership, copyright, and any other rights in any and all images produced during the session to Kirsten Adamson Photography along with the right to reproduce any of the images by any means or method, and in any medium, now known or created in the future. The client releases any legal claims or disputes, now or in the future, against Kirsten Adamson Photography and understands fully that the photographer is under no legal obligation to compensate the client for the use of any image(s). Kirsten Adamson Photography hereby obtains all rights to use the photographs under no restrictions whatsoever, including, but not limited to print and/or web advertising with any post-processing or manipulation deemed appropriate by the photographer. This is primarily in the form of, but not limited to, marketing material such as those presented and promoted to other daycare centres and schools. Under no circumstances will RAW files or unedited JPG files be released to clients. Final images are the photographer's choice and will reflect her personal style. Any additional editing requests will incur an additional cost of $50/hour. Every effort will be made and a reasonable amount of time spent to create the best images of your child possible on the day of the shoot, however the photographer cannot be held responsible for poor clothing choices, unflattering natural expressions or unwilling and/or difficult children.